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WiredContact Enterprise - Leaders in Web and Mobile CRM Software
A key competitive advantage is our Management team — the same group of talented individuals for 14 years. Our extensive CRM experience combined with the in-depth knowledge of WiredContact give us the tools to deliver practical, yet powerful capabilities that our clients say are simple to use. 

Our approach has been to produce CRM software that empowers our Customers and Partners to control the product roadmap to ensure it exceeds their demands and expectations.

Ed Dempsey, Chief Architect — WiredContact Worldwide
As president and co-founder of WiredContact Worldwide, Ed is the visionary, creator and lead chief architect for the company’s software. Among his many accomplishments, he is responsible for WiredContact’s overall design, programming and product development and has led the company through three major version releases. Meet Ed on Linked LinkedIn.

Wendy Rudofker, Vice President — WiredContact Worldwide
As co-founder and vice president of WiredContact Worldwide, Wendy leads the company’s global sales and marketing efforts. With her extensive hands-on experience, she helps companies exploit WiredContact to automate their sales processes to work more productively. Meet Wendy on Linked LinkedIn.

Paul King, Managing Director — WiredContact UK
Paul has been in the CRM arena since the 1980's. Paul and his team have drawn upon real world experience to deliver solutions that are practical and easy to use to thousands of clients throughout the UK and Europe.
Meet Paul on Linked LinkedIn.

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WiredContact Enterprise Customer Testimonials

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