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WiredContact and ACT!
Why WCE?

About WiredContact Enterprise Web and Mobil CRM Software FAQs
Does WiredContact Enterprise work with ACT! versions 7, 8 or 9?
WiredContact Enterprise is able to convert ACT! versions 5+. WiredContact Enteprise is a stand alone product and does not require the ACT! database engine. WCE is uses industry standard database to give customers the utmost flexibility in organizing, displaying and retrieving customer information quickly.

Will WiredContact for ACT! still be available?
Yes, addon orders of WiredContact for ACT! will continue to be sold. Pricing is subject to change. New features will not be released to WiredContact for ACT!. We do highly encourage WiredContact for ACT! users to upgrade to WiredContact Enterprise. (All new development is focused on WCE).

How do I get our ACT! database converted to a WCE database?
The WCE installation includes an easy-to-use database import tool to fully convert ACT! databases (versions 5+) to Microsoft SQL Server or Microsoft SQL Server Express. User profiles, custom fields and all the tables - contacts, notes/histories, sales, groups, attachments, etc. will be migrated over to WCE.

Will customizations from WiredContact for ACT! show up in WCE?
Yes, all the customizations from WC for ACT! will work seamlessly in Enterprise. WCE uses the same x3 template set so you will have a smooth transition when upgrading to the new system. Therefore, the same customization flexibility with WC for ACT! is seamlessly transferred to WCE and all the custom HTML pages will be available.

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WiredContact Enterprise Customer Testimonials

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