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WiredContact Enterprise | Web and Mobile CRM Software
Interact with your Customers 24/7
With the WiredContact CRM software, you can provide on-line portals for your customers to log in to see and update information on a separate web site that interacts with your WiredContact database. Updates and requests made by your customer are automatically saved in WCE! Also a great solution for Partners and Agents to update leads.

Case Study: Advanced Property Management

A Property Management company in California developed several on-line web portals for their clients. Each client was given a user name and password to login to view and update only their information, such as contact details, vehicle types and emergency numbers. Clients could also request Work Orders and login at any time to see the status of each current and past request.

WiredContact Enterprise Customer Testimonials Our business traditionally involves a lot of phone calls and emails between clients, vendors and staff, which eats up a lot of time and resources. Our online work order system is designed to eliminate the majority of this back and forth. Instead, a client can enter a request online, and WiredContact will automatically notify us. We can then forward the request to a vendor and track completion of the work online.

-- J. Spangenberg, President, Advanced Property ManagementWiredContact Enterprise Customer Testimonials

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WiredContact Enterprise Customer Testimonials
WiredContact Enterprise Customer Testimonials

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