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WiredContact Enterprise the Best Valued Web-based CRM| Web and Mobile CRM Software
WiredContact Enterprise CRM Pricing
WiredContact Enterprise delivers powerful online and mobile CRM capabilities, previously exclusive to higher-end, more expensive solutions. No solution in its price class provides so many options for managing sales and the whole customer relationship.

Hosting Options:

WCE Hosting in the WiredContact Cloud
WCE Named
Per License
WCE Concurrent
Per License
Host (Saas)
from $50.00/month
from $100.00/month


from $25.00/mo + cost of license (one time)

from $50.00/mo + cost of license (one time)

No contracts - no time commitment required.
Price includes both the Online and Mobile versions of WCE.
For more information on WCE Hosting Services, click here.

Software Purchase:

WCE License - Pricing to Buy Software
Volume Level
WCE Named
Per License
WCE Concurrent
Per License

1 - 4 Licenses


5 - 9 Licenses
10+ Licenses
Price includes both the Online and Mobile versions of WCE.

Named License: each user is guaranteed a login to the WiredContact site whenever they need it.
Concurrent License: users share licenses, however, logins are restricted to the number of concurrent licenses you get. Ideal for casual users or large sales teams who work in different time zones.

Note: both named and concurrent licenses can be installed on the same site.

WCE Addons
Visit the WCE Addons page for products to enhance your WiredContact Enterprise experience.

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WiredContact Enterprise Customer Testimonials
WiredContact Enterprise Customer Testimonials

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