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WiredContact Enterprise Solutions for IT Pros | Web and Mobile CRM Software
The comprehensive browser-based Administration Console provides all the utilities you need to maximize the effectiveness of WCE.

Remarkably Simple Administration
The in-depth menus guide you through managing database tables, adding new fields, assigning drop down options and much more.  WCE can easily be localized for date/time formats, days, months and currencies to match your region.  Import utilities and a built-in database conversion tool for ACT! (any version) is also included.  A SQL browser is included, plus can be used with standard diagnostic tools. 

The User settings and Security permissions are also managed from the Browser based Admin Console.  For convenience, you can give password protected permission to remotely administrate WiredContact Enterprise.

You'll be amazed how quickly your salesforce can be up and running. WCE's open architecture allows you to gain more control in managing your information and provides scalability as your company's needs change.

Easy Integration
Your Company may have multiple systems that may not talk with each other and processes that require data to be entered multiple times. WiredContact Enterprise can integrate with most systems and provide a browser interface encompassing legacy applications and streamlining critical business processes to ensure lower staff costs, faster processing and simplified access control.

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WiredContact Enterprise Customer Testimonials

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