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WiredContact Enterprise Customizations | Web and Mobile CRM Software
With its open architecture and inherent scalability, WiredContact can be easily customized to meet unique or growing business needs and can be deployed quickly. The Professional Services Group and international network of Solution Partners provide a wealth of CRM expertise to help companies exploit the use of the software through business process consulting, database design, customizations and training. 

A Flexible Interface to Match the Way You Work
The ability to add unlimited tables, views, tabs and fields – along with calculations, automatic triggers, hyperlinks and associations – make it the ideal solution for customizing!  Plus, you can easily make cosmetic changes to the look and feel with your own colors, icons and company logos. 

Here’s a sampling of just some of the customization capabilities:

  • Unlimited custom pages and tabs using HTML based templates
  • Add unlimited new fields
  • Modify drop down options to restrict selection, enable mutliple selection or add to selection
  • Table wizard to easily link tables (entities) and sub entities together to   create one to many, many to many, and one to many-to-many views
  • Assign pre-defined layouts to users with unique fields and layouts based on security options and custom variables
  • Easily integrate other applications with external data sources (SQL, Access, Oracle)
  • Create automatic triggers to change field values, send email or record to history
  • Add calculations, hyperlinks, check boxes, radio buttons and other field types
  • Create your own look and feel with custom icons, images and colors
  • Create non-contact based entity (main) records (ie. properties, equipment)
  • Link fields for easy associations and display data on current view from other records in the database


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WiredContact Enterprise Customer Testimonials

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